01. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

02. Double Fuck
03. Faded Flowers
04. Hair Lose Blues
05. Jesus Was A Drinker

06. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
07. Rock You On The Floor
08. Shotdown In The Sun
09. Weight Watchers
10. Wild Nadine
11. Wild Women And Whisky

Weight Watchers
1. Susi she was pregnant but she didn`t know at all +++ and now she was looking like a big fat whale +++ she remembered glory times when she looked pretty nice +++ all things she liked to eat they told her to despise.

Don´t be stupid you pretty little chicks +++ Believe my words I can help you quick +++ Eat some more food before you die +++ Don´t care about what the weightwatchers say

2. No more little sweeties and no more alcohol +++ no good lunch and dinner no good meals at all +++ half an apple every day is enough to stay alive +++ but her tits grew more and more no way to deny


3. Susi´s tits began to burst her ass was out of form +++ Oh help me miss Twiggy, don´t you have a worm +++ In her desperation she asked doctors advice +++ And this man said you´re pregnant ain´t it nice