01. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

02. Double Fuck
03. Faded Flowers
04. Hair Lose Blues
05. Jesus Was A Drinker

06. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
07. Rock You On The Floor
08. Shotdown In The Sun
09. Weight Watchers
10. Wild Nadine
11. Wild Women And Whisky

Double Fuck
Refrain: I want a double fuck you and your mommy +++ I want a double fuck tonight +++ It gives me double trouble tomorrow +++ I want a double fuck tonight!

1. I saw you sitting in a restaurant honey +++ You looked so good that I could cry +++ I´d like to get to know you and your mommy +++ This sure would be as twice as nice yeeah...

2. You are so magic you can beat all others +++ With crazy coloured lucky lips +++ Your growly screaming sounds like motorhighway +++ You´re coming soon gimme the creeps!

3. And I come home the next morning honey +++ like Dr.Jekyl and Mr. Hyde +++ Next time I wanna be a good boy babies +++ I better watch sex files tonight yeah...