01. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

02. Double Fuck
03. Faded Flowers
04. Hair Lose Blues
05. Jesus Was A Drinker

06. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
07. Rock You On The Floor
08. Shotdown In The Sun
09. Weight Watchers
10. Wild Nadine
11. Wild Women And Whisky

Rock You On The Floor
1. One and one is two weadee weadee wea I just want you, two and two is four I wanna fuck you on the floor +++ three and three is six, next day I`ll get my ki..icks, four and four is eight, come on before`s too late!

Refrain: Hey I wanna rock you and fuck you on the floor tonight, +++ hey I wanna rock you on the floor tonight.

2. Five and five is ten, I wanna make you pregnant, six and six ist twelve, please come out of your shell. +++ Seven seven fourteen, I want a little Martin, eight and eight is sixteen, the age you got to have!

3. Nine and nine is eighteen, babe it is no daydream, ten and ten is twenty, I wanna make it true. +++ Eleven eleven twenty-two, I am not a bugaboo,
twelve and twelve is twenty- four, wanna fuck you on the floor!