01. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

02. Double Fuck
03. Faded Flowers
04. Hair Lose Blues
05. Jesus Was A Drinker

06. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
07. Rock You On The Floor
08. Shotdown In The Sun
09. Weight Watchers
10. Wild Nadine
11. Wild Women And Whisky

Faded Flowers
1. Just give me one of your faded flowers +++ Hanging around in your greasy hair +++ I wanna have one of your baggy dresses +++ Give me one of your dirty pants...

Refrain: Baby Baby I want your freshest love +++ Looking in your simple face +++ Just makes me laugh +++ Well I give you five Deutschmarks +++ And you will feel alright +++ Baby I want your freshest love tonight.

2. Just give me one of your mystic earrings +++ Show me one of your bad tatoos +++ I wanna sniff your cheap patchouly +++ Mixed with the smell of fourteen days old sweat...

3. Hey let me guess where do you come from +++ Well I think your daddy has a lot of money too +++ Come on let`s go to the fridge of your parents +++ It`s filled with hot dogs, beers and steaks for me and you