01. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

02. Double Fuck
03. Faded Flowers
04. Hair Lose Blues
05. Jesus Was A Drinker

06. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
07. Rock You On The Floor
08. Shotdown In The Sun
09. Weight Watchers
10. Wild Nadine
11. Wild Women And Whisky

Shotdown In The Sun
1. I went downtown to a travel agency, to get a flight right in the sun. +++ Lay down my head there and my lazy bones and find some rest from work and run. +++ I thought carribean cannot be that bad, it must be funny there and warm +++ So I booked up the sweet Jamaica man but now I know that it was wrong...

Refrain: I´m a shotdown in Jamaica +++ I´m a shotdown in the sun (yeah yeah yeah) +++ I´m a shotdown in Jamaica +++ I´m a shotdown in the sun (real rastafa)

2. The crew said this is not Montego Bay - this is the airport of Kingston +++ Be careful with all your belongings man, you cannot trust here anyone +++ Out in the streets I didn´t get it on, then someone tightly gripped my arm +++ He said listen I´m Dr Feelgood man and I can see you´re a rich man´s son...
3. He lead me to a very unkown place, I could not see here here anyone +++ And Dr. Feelgood marijuanized man and then he must have drawn his gun...