4 Ave Marias for a fistful of Bullshit. Joey Ramone meets Johnny Cash to sing songs Chuck Norris would die for!

A true story about Cows, Farmers and how Rock'n'Roll became COWPUNK!

Howdee folks! What the hell is cowpunk?
The LSD Cowpunk was invented in a small cowshed in Germany (Frankonia) long time ago. When we played the Ramones Song “Blitzkrieg Bop” to cows, we saw them hopping and bopping and freaking out. They were only used to listen to Country and Folk Music their whole life before. Because the farmer was totally troubled with his rebellious cows making us responsible for giving the cows no more milk anyway, we had to do something. We started to play a mixture of Rock and Roll and Country Music without having any knowledge of playing our instruments. Listening to punk bands like The Ramones, The Lazy Cowgirls, Sloppy Seconds etc. and of course to good old country dudes like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, we recognized that it is all the same. Both styles work on barely more than three chords and good sing-a-longs. Let`s say Jesus or Jack Daniels it`s all the same to us. Playing our songs to his cows nearly all the time, we made them giving milk three times as much as before. So we got the chance to make a record deal with the farmer “Crazy Jack Bengasi” becoming a friend of us and getting a real cowpunk rocker.
Nothing more to say to The Legendary Shotdowns (LSD)?
Of course: Yiiehaaa……
I`don`t know, I can`t remember now and……… have a good hopping!!